Music, Band & Choir

Our school offers students from Year 4 - Year 6 the opportunity to participate in Instrumental Music and Band through the company, Creative Kidz. Being a member of the band means the student will need to be at school for early morning band practice. Parents are requested to ensure that students arrive for practice on time. Through the Instrumental Program, students receive private group lessons for their particular instrument. These lessons are held on a weekly basis where charges are levied on a term basis. Lessons are held during class time on a given day on a rotating basis so that children do not miss lessons in the same subject area.

Students are required to enrol in the Instrumental Program for the whole school year and only under extenuating circumstances will a student be allowed to withdraw from the program.



Band Concerts are held regularly each year. In addition our Bands participate in several Music Festivals. The expectation is that children participate in all these performances.

Information can be obtained through the school office or by contacting Creative Kidz directly on 0421 022 818.


There is an opportunity for interested students to be involved in the School Choir. This is open to children from Year 4 - 6. There is an expectation that those joining the choir attend practice before school and special events which they enter.