Code of Behaviour

The basis for our behaviour management procedures is our belief in Christian values. We believe that children need to understand that they are responsible for their own behaviours and that we as a school community will support them as they learn how to interact and live within our Christ-centred environment.

A close working relationship with parents is vital and our mutual support of each other will benefit the moral and social development of all children.

As part of an ongoing program, children will be taught about appropriate behaviours, responsibility and choices. They will explore both the posture and negative consequences of their choices.


We have 4 basic school rules which all children learn and are expected to follow. These apply to both classroom and playground behaviours. One of our primary concerns is to ensure that all children at our school feel SAFE.

  • What the teacher says we do.

Children are expected to listen to instructions and follow directions. This ensures their safety in the playground and also that they use this learning time effectively to stay on task and complete work.

  • Signal to speak and move.

This rule ensures that children are safe and learning time is maximised.

  • Speak to Please Not to Tease.

Children are encouraged to speak respectfully to all teachers and children at all times. This applies to the classroom and the playground. Repeated teasing can be a form of bullying and will not be tolerated. Swearing, backchat and rude gestures are unacceptable.

  • Hands and Feet off other People and their Things.

Children are expected to avoid any form of physical hurt to others eg: hitting, kicking, punching, biting. They must respect the property of others at all times.


Consequences for displaying appropriate behaviours include:

  • Affirmation and recognition by class teacher and / or other staff
  • Rewards negotiated by class teacher and children.
  • Awards at weekly assemblies.
  • Blue Cards / Stickers / Certificates / Vouchers.

Consequences for displaying inappropriate behaviours include:

  • Warnings and reminders
  • Time out from classroom or playground
  • Discussions about and reflection on choices
  • Mediation with peers or adults
  • Gradual isolation
  • Internal suspension
  • External suspension
  • Expulsion in extreme cases

Parents will be informed if inappropriate behaviour is of a serious nature. We will implement a process of mediation and conflict resolution where deemed necessary. There will be definite consequences for inappropriate class behaviour and playground.


Each class community will develop a Class Vision Statement. This identifies clear expectations for creating a productive, safe, happy and effective learning environment. This statement will be communicated to parents who will be asked to sign as an indication of intended support. Class Teachers and students will also sign this agreement.


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Student Parent and Guardian Complaints Management Policy.pdf
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St Bernardine's Student Behaviour Support Plan.doc