Information Technology

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, including advancements in information communication technology (ICLT), is a complex challenge facing every school. As many of you would appreciate, children's lives are now full of an endless list of technologies including iPods, podcasting, video games, use of chat rooms, blogging, digital cameras etc. You only have to be aware of the changes in the world around us and the importance of technology to our workplace to understand the necessity for schools to provide children with a variety of experiences.

At St Bernardine's it is our aim to provide students with this experience, in a flexible and innovative environment, that challenges and enriches students' ability to incorporate these technologies into their daily life and sustain them in becoming life long learners.

It is important that while the list of technologies grows, it is not enough for students to be merely aware of the latest and greatest invention. Rather at St Bernardine's, through the work of our dedicated ICLT Committee, we have selected those technologies that we believe will provide students with enriched educational experience.

ICLT and technology when added to the curriculum undoubtedly make learning entertaining and exciting. However, without the creativity and imagination of the user computers and technology remain electronic machines. When used effectively technology becomes an extension of the learner themselves. Allowing for innovative representation of ideas, an exciting medium for communication of information and an entertaining learning experience.

St Bernardine's is committed to providing the very best of ICLT resources to support the teaching and learning throughout the classrooms. In doing this we have provided:

  • Interactive Tv's in all classrooms
  • All teachers have networked lap top computers and iPads
  • Library has a bank of laptops and data projector
  • All photocopiers are networked and act as scanners and printers
  • Wireless access throughout the school
  • Classrooms in Year 2 to 6 have 15 laptops and a pod of 5 ipads
  • Prep to Year 1 have 15 ipads and a pod of laptops
  • Device ratio is 1:2 students
  • All classes have Twitter accounts
  • St Bernardine's School has Facebook and Twitter accounts and BCE Connect App