School Fees Information


  1. Invoices are issued to individual families by the end of week 2 of each term.
  2. Payment is due in full within 14 days of issue. All extensions or individual payment plan requests must be made in writing to the Principal and will be responded to in writing, confirming agreements.
  3. Unpaid accounts will receive a reminder letter for payment in 7 days.
  4. Families with outstanding amounts after this date will receive a further letter requesting payment or formal arrangement with the school within 7 days.
  5. Should the account remain unpaid all overdue accounts without formal arrangement will be forwarded to the Parish for consideration of Debt Collection options.
  6. Consideration will be made, at the Parish level, to forward the account to a contracted Debt Collection Agency (George Laurens).

School Fee and Levy Policy.pdfSchool Fee and Levy Policy.pdf


Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment for school fees. Payment can also be made at the office via Eftpos and Credit Cards, Cheque or Cash. Internet banking via Bpay is also accepted. Please note that concessional fees must be paid by the Direct Debit or Centrepay system. Receipts are issued for all payments made through the school office, if payments are not made in person receipts are sent home via the eldest student.

Click on the links below for relevant forms:

Direct debit 2018.pdfDirect debit 2018.pdf



This levy contributes towards the repayment of loans and the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of buildings and structures within the school grounds. Tax deductibility cannot be offered for compulsory levies such as the Capital Levy.


This levy is charged equally over four terms covering all activities undertaken by students during the year eg: camp, swimming, excursions, interschool sport, school magazine, dance fever, yoga etc. Each year level has a nominated fee relevant to the type of activities which are undertaken during the year. The student activity levy for Prep is used to supplement the large volume of hands-on materials plus other activities undertaken throughout the year.

Please note: No concessions will apply to this levy.


The P & F Levy replaces the need for on-going fundraising and is charged equally over four terms.


The IT Levy is to ensure that hardware is current; hence the students' knowledge and use of technology is enhanced.


Please note Preparatory students are classified in the table below as Primary child and charged accordingly.

No. of Students (per family) Annual Tuition Fee
1 Child
2 Children +
3 Children +
4 Children +

 *** Fees are based on Archdiocesan recommended amounts and revised each year. ***


Year Level Annual Amount
Prep $265.00
Year One $185.00
Year Two $185.00
Year Three $185.00
Year Four $225.00
Year Five $240.00
Year Six $470.00

CAPITAL LEVY 2018 - $508.00 year per family

P & F LEVY 2018 - $100.00 year per family

IT LEVY 2018 - $75.00 year per family

To calculate your family's total fees please add annual Tuition Fee, Student Activity Levy applicable for each of your children, Capital Levy, P & F Levy and IT levy, this will be your individual annual family fee.

Please contact the School Finance Secretary for further assistance with any School Fee enquiry.