Learning Support

lsupp1.jpgIt is our belief at St Bernardine's Catholic Primary School that every child is an individual with unique potential, abilities, talents and needs. Our teachers and staff are continually monitoring student needs and adapting the teaching/learning process accordingly. Every effort is made to address these individual needs through the class program and through additional services overseen by the Student Support Team. As an Archdiocesan school, we encompass the Brisbane Catholic Education Special Education Policy. This policy guides our own school philosophies, processes and procedures for the inclusion of students with special needs across a range of medically diagnosed disabilities as well as the needs of students who experience barriers to learning through learning difficulties or disabilities, social, emotional or behavioural issues.

Our Support Teacher Inclusive Education, is a full time teacher who works with individuals and small groups within the classroom to assist in meeting the needs of the children. The STIE is also responsible for the co-ordination of EAP/IEP meetings for children who are verified and receive funding. The STIE co-ordinates programs and resources for the school officers who also work with the children.