Message From the Principal

Welcome to St Bernardine's Catholic School, a dynamic co-educational primary school with 753 children from Prep to Year 6.  St Bernardine's has been providing quality Catholic Schooling in this area since 1982.  Our school is an integral part of the Parish community.  In accordance with our Mission Statement, all our endeavours, relationships, decisions and programmes are Christ-centred and child centred.  Community is important at St Bernardine's and relationships are promoted and celebrated through positive interactions with students, teachers, parents and the Parish.  We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming faith community.


At St Bernardine's, the importance of tolerance and understanding of difference is promoted.  This allows all in our school community the right to work in a safe, productive and harmonious environment.  Our dedicated and caring staff are concerned with the welfare of each child at this school.  Parents are invited to work with our staff with openness and mutual respect.


We believe in developing the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  We understand we are a teaching and learning environment, and it is important we focus on a holistic approach for our children, so they have the opportunity to develop into happy, productive and successful members of society and to 'To serve, To challenge'.


Please contact us for any further information you would like to know about St Bernardine's Catholic School.

Kind regards

Nick Gallen