Social Justice

At St Bernardine's we are committed to following the example of Jesus and living out the good news that Jesus proclaimed. We do this in our day to day lives and by being committed to social justice. Catholic Social Teaching sums up the teachings of the Church on social justice issues. It promotes a vision of a just society that is grounded in the Bible and in the wisdom gathered from experience by the Christian community as it has responded to social justice issues through history. These teachings are often expressed in formal teaching documents of the Church such as Papal Encyclicals, and in the pastoral letters of local Bishops. As a school community we then live out these messages in practical ways.

  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Catholic Mission
  • Catholic Campaigns

Additional Projects

As a school community the school also is involved in other social justice activities

Below is a list of event the school have been involved with in the past:-

  • Make poverty history
  • Harmony day
  • Indigenous Reconciliation
  • Sorry day
  • Earth hour
  • World environmental day
  • Clean up Australia day
  • Water conversation
  • Stewardship of the earth


Reconciliation Action Plan

St Bernardine's RAP 2015.docxSt Bernardine's RAP 2015.docx
Molum Sabe.pdfMolum Sabe.pdf

Sustainability at St Bernardine's

Sustainability at St Bernardine's.pdfSustainability at St Bernardine's.pdf