​It is our policy that homework set is age and developmentally appropriate. It is our aim to produce regulated, independent learners who are able to manage their time. Students must see learning as a life skill, not compartmentalised to the classroom. 

Homework can take many forms, and what is most appropriate will be guided by the type of learners and subject matter.

It is important students from Prep to Year 6 master the basics to ensure they can successfully use these skills in more abstract and challenging contexts as they grow.

Emphasis will be on learning sight words (in the early years) and spelling rules, reading, vocabulary building, and exploring mathematical concepts (times tables, place value knowledge etc),

It is expected students will spend up to 20 – 40 minutes per weeknight on set home tasks (up to 40 minutes by Year 6). There is an expectation that students read (or are read to) every night.​​