Visible Learning

St Bernardine's Primary School has embraced the pedagogical framework of Visible Learning and this is the approach across the whole school, P-6.

Visible learning is a model of teaching and learning.  It is based on the notion of visible teaching and visible learning. The 'visible' aspect refers first to making student learning visible to teachers, ensuring clear identification of the attributes that make a visible difference to student learning and all in the school visibly knowing the impact that they have on the learning in the school (of the student, teacher and school leaders). The 'visible' aspect also refers to making teaching visible to the student, such that they learn to become their own teachers, which is the core attribute of life-long learning or self-regulation, and of the love of learning that we so want students to value. The 'learning' aspect refers to how we go about knowing and understanding, and then progressing student learning (John Hattie).

In understanding the language related to the learning process, we have a focus on growth where students articulate what phase of the learning process. They are then supported to identify and set goals to reach the next step.

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