Information Technology

​Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, including advancements in information communication technology (ICLT), is a complex challenge facing every school. You only have to be aware of the changes in the world around us and the importance of technology to our workplace to understand the necessity for schools to provide children with a variety of experiences.

At St Bernardine's it is our aim to provide students with this experience, in a flexible and innovative environment, focusing on the learning that it can facilitate.  Our teachers select digital technologies that support quality teaching practices, respond to learner voice, and develop young people as local and global citizens.  Our teachers not only value the use of ICT but also explicitly teach the ICT General Capabilities and inspire each learner to grow and succeed in a changing world.

St Bernardine's is committed to providing the very best of ICLT resources to support the teaching and learning throughout the classrooms. In doing this we have provided:

  • Interactive Tv's in all classrooms
  • All teachers have networked lap top computers and iPads
  • Prep to Year 2 have 1:3 iPads
  • Year 3 to 6 have 1:1 iPads
  • Teachers use Seesaw, an online digital portfolio, to communicate student learning with parents and carers