Message from the Principal


Welcome to St Bernardine's School, Regents Park. I thank you for taking the time to consider St Bernardine's as a possible educator of your child.

We are a parish based Catholic primary school which aims to provide a high quality, inclusive education in the Catholic tradition. We see our role as a partnership with families where each child is challenged to do their personal best. St Bernardine's has been providing quality Catholic Schooling in this area since 1982.  Our school is an integral part of the Parish community.

In accordance with our Vision and Mission, all our endeavours, relationships, decisions are Christ-centered and child centered. St Bernardine's has a strong community where relationships are promoted and celebrated through positive interactions with students, teachers, parents, and the Parish. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming faith community.

At St Bernardine's, the importance of tolerance and understanding of difference is promoted. This allows all in our school community the right to work in a safe, productive, and harmonious environment. Our dedicated and caring staff are concerned with the welfare of each child at this school. Parents are invited to work with our staff with openness and mutual respect.

Our staff are committed educators who strive to promote the Catholic ethos and school's motto of “To Serve, To Challenge" in all that they do. Additionally, they work with families, to promote the best in their learners through a curriculum that is innovative, creative, and transparent.

I would encourage families to take some time to browse our website or contact the school directly for further information

​​God Bless


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