School Motto and Emblem

​​​​The School Motto

'To Serve, To Challenge'

 Our motto 'To Serve, To Challenge' was submitted by William Allam, a student at the school and calls us to lead 
and engage through our words and actions the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our School Emblem

Our emblem provides a visible articulation of the school connection to the community, and to the school's religious identity.

Sr Joan Mulildorff, a Sister of Mercy and one of the teachers when the school began, designed the IHS, gum, and wattle centre of the crest. The significance of the gum leaves and wattle flowers signifies the setting of the Parish. The gum and wattle trees still existing on the property are much older than the school and parish and connect the school and parish to the Indigenous history of the area.  The IHS symbol was a core symbol of St Bernardine who preached on the Holy name of Jesus. St Bernardine had a special devotion or respect for the Holy name of Jesus. This symbol, IHS, was often decorated with a blazing sun around it, with a cross coming down through the middle. Therefore, this symbol identifies that Jesus is at the core of our activities and mission.​


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